Thursday, August 12, 2010

How Much Is Too Much Coffee?

It's been two weeks already that I drink coffee 2-3 times a day.  I could not avoid it.  Or shall I say, I choose not to avoid it.  You see, our office canteen serves free drink for every meal.  Choices are either coffee or fruit juice.  Since I am not fond of juices, unless of course it's natural, I opted for coffee instead.

Two weeks before that, they gave out 3-in-1 coffee in sachets.  I usually take it out and bring it to office or home, where I sometimes mix it with Milo (I tell you, it's yummy!) and enjoy it at my own convenience.  Let me emphasize here, however that I don't drink coffee everyday.  I just do if my palate asks for it.

Unfortunately, starting the last week, instead of giving out coffee in sachets, the canteen has been providing for a coffee dispenser where one may be served with hot coffee either expresso, latte, capuccino, sweet and creamy, blah, blah, blah.

In other words, I am now forced to drink coffee everytime I take my meal and snacks.  Since I consider myself as NOT a coffee drinker, I feel I now have an overdose of caffeine in my body for drinking 2-3 cups of coffee everyday.

Now tell me, am I drinking too much coffee?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

BC Bloggers 4

I'm so guilty! It's been a very long time since I made my last post on this blog. But it doesn't mean to say that I forgot all about it. It's just that I'm too busy that I could not update all my blogs, all at the same time!

Anyway, I'm here now. I promised myself I'll be posting food articles on this blog, on a periodic basis, that is. Also, I recently visited the world food expo recently. and that's something to blog about it here.

But the most important reason why I'm updating this blog (and promised to keep this updated) is that, I'll be joining BC Bloggers 4. I'll be registering this blog, among my other blogs, mainly because... traffic is badly needed! But still hopefully, I'll be able to meet acquaintances and gain friends along the way.

If you're interested, please check out this link.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Eat healthier, not Cheaper!

In a few days, i'll be posting an article about my usual breakfast meal. It has something to do with having a healthier but also cheaper food on the table.

To introduce such, you may want to share a thought by taking this survey:

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Appetizing calamares

I was reading the Philippine Star this morning when i stumbled upon the article written by Ernest Reynoso-Gala (he must be the son of Sylvia?). It was about the perfect calamares frito. I could no longer remember when was the last time I enjoyed munching calamares. I stopped ordering those long time ago after I had eaten a poorly-cooked one.

I guess I could cook a perfect calamares frito for myself and for my family using the recipe provided by Ernest in the said article.

According to Ernest, he found the best-tasting calamares somewhere in Spain. It was simple, sweet-smelling and cooked to perfection, almost melting in your mouth, and the succulent flavor of the sea strongly present.

The batter was thin, which made it crispy, but the flavor was intact, indicating that few spices were used to bring out the natural flavor. It was a prime example that the best dishes in the world use the easiest methods, without complicated steps or fancy ingredients.

Squids are part of cephalopod class, which are related to octopus and cuttlefish. The texture is soft, with little connective tissues to hold it together and that is why cooking it properly is essential. The size varies, with the smaller ones being more tender and desirable. When cleaning squid, hold the body and pull the head. Remove the quill, or the pen shape plastic located inside the body. Peel the skin and cut into rings using a small knife or scissors. Check the head and remove the silver sac, which is the ink sac or the black dye used for paella negra or black pasta. Under the tentacles is a plastic, beak shape mouth. Press under part with your thumb so the two pieces pop out, then wash thoroughly under faucet water.

Traditionally the coating is thin though many restaurants in the Philippines use a thick batter similar to onion rings or fish and chips. Whatever the choice, the crucial part is that the oil must be very hot and enough to cover what you’re cooking, (use wooden chopsticks to gauge the temperature; plenty bubbles around the stick means the temperature is correct) and do not overcook the squid. Maximum time for cooking squid is two minutes, anything beyond will leave a gummy, hard texture, and the natural flavors will be lost.

When it floats or when pierced with a fork and it goes through easily, it is perfect. Remove and strain over paper towel and bowl to remove excess oil. Squid is best when fresh, and you can store it in plastic bags and placed in the freezer for one week.

Fried Crispy Squid Rings (Calamares Fritos)

1. 1/2 kilo small or medium-sized squids. Remove head for another use. Peel off skin, slice into 1/4-inch thick slices. Wash and drain well.

2. Put squid rings in a bowl and season each ring with 1/2 tsp. of fine salt and pepper, 1 tbsp. calamansi or lemon juice. Add 1/4 cup fresh milk.

3. Dredge/coat each squid ring well in 2 cups all-purpose flour mixed with 1 tsp. Spanish paprika.

4. Fry immediately in 4 cups of very hot oil until they float. Squid tends to spatter if not coated well; prepare a cover for yourself. Retrieve fried squid rings with slotted strainer. Drain on paper napkins.

5. Serve with lemon wedges.

Fried Crispy Squid Rings (Thick Batter Version)

1. Follow steps 1 to 3 for squid rings (calamares fritos). Then dip in a mixture of 1 cup each of all-purpose flour and ice cold water, 1 tsp. baking powder, 2 egg whites. Mix them together with a wire whisk.

2. Deep fry, then drain on paper towels.

3. For the sauce mix in a bowl: 1 cup mayonnaise or yogurt, 2 tsp. crushed garlic, pinch of salt and pepper.

Happy cooking!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

yummy brownies!

i chose "my sweet indulgence" as the title of this blog because every time i think of food, i think of sweet chocolates. i admit, i am a convicted addict.. of chocolates.

anyway, i was in fitness first yesterday (as i've mentioned in my other blog, scribbles).

but before i went home i couldn't resist the urge to drop by brownies unlimited and try that 4-pak pre-assorted brownies. well, i justified, just like few weeks ago, i already shed off a hundred calories during my 2-hr workout. i guess i deserve a little treat (again!).

i was introduced to brownies unlimited just early this year. it was when my officemates and i were malling at sm dasmariƱas, cavite. an officemate, who is also a certified choco lover, dragged me to the stall of brownies unlimited and purchased 2 boxes to take home to her family. my boss, who were with us, was curious and bought a few bars too.

at that time, i was not enticed. simply put, i did not buy..

few weeks ago, i saw the stall of brownies unlimited at sm mega mall b. i recalled it was highly recommended by my officemate. suddenly, i had this craving to eat a chocolate. thus, i took a look at the display counter and voila! i selected double choc o' chip brownie bar.

when i finally got to taste it, it was heaven! i could feel the euphoria of pure chocolate melting inside my mouth.

oh, i will never buy brownies again .. that is, if it is not from brownies unlimited!

Monday, August 11, 2008

my fave honey-bourbon rib

After attending The Feast at Valle Verde Club last Sunday, I decided to give myself a little treat (or was it just my excuse to eat lavishly? hehehe).  i dined at Kenny Roger's Roasters in SM Mega Mall.

I ordered a honey-bourbon rib with fresh fruit salad as my side dish and that yummy muffin as my dessert.  it cost me P315!  it didn't include the price of my favorite drink yet!

Anyway, i got what i paid for (there's that phrase again..sigh!).  i savored the rib with gusto that i was almost tempted to order for another serving.  It brought back my memory when i first had my taste of it at Glorietta almost a decade ago.  Since then, i never stopped from craving for it ..

I must stop writing now.  I think I need to drink another glass of cold water.  (Sigh..)

i was there!

Few minutes before 6pm last friday, i was getting myself ready for the Coke Bloggers' Party at Taste Asia. Since i knew that the gathering won't start as scheduled, I decided to drop by Fitness First (which is, by the way, few steps away from Taste Asia) to sweat out. Well, working out is my way of taking the guilt off me so as not to ruin my mood while splurging on the food and drinks sponsored by Coke. Hehehe...

As expected, the food served were so yummy! I chose to have grilled bangus belly, stuffed shrimp, pata tim, baked mussels, eggplant ensalada, among others, on my plate. I even had a second serving of various fruits for my dessert! As i am writing this, i am imagining how my tastebuds felt while munching a slice of melon. Now, i am having the urge to gulp for a glass of cold water. Hehehe...

Waiters stood nearby and were swift enough to supply us with a variety of drinks. A health conscious that i am (okay, okay, i am trying to be one), I was relieved that they were serving Minute Maid Pulpy Orange Juice. It has real pulp that i could feel tingling down my throat. It was as if i was eating the real orange fruit in semi-liquid form. Oh, i could not ask for more!

i went home that night having gained new acquaintances, among whom are esmeralda and yljien, who are ob-gyne and cpa-cma, respectively, by profession.

truly, the recently-concluded bloggers' party served its purpose!

hey organizers, i'm waiting for my next invitation! :)